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Namen trägt sie viele: Jungle Railway, Jungle Line, Dschungel Eisenbahn oder auch East Coast Line. Im Fahrplan-Aushang steht die Bezeichnung ?East-Line Malaysia?. Aber auch hier bin ich nicht sicher, ob es sich um die offizielle Bezeichnung handelt. Jedenfalls stehen alle Namen für jene Bahnlinie, die von der Küstenstadt Tumpat im Nordosten Malaysias durch den Dschungel […] Der Beitrag Mit...

Jetzt auf weiterlesen. Der Beitrag wurde im Reiseblog in voller Länge veröffentlicht.
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George Town auf der Insel Penang in Malaysia ist ein perfekter Ort um eine Asienreise zu beginnen. Hier trifft man auf viele verschiedene Kulturen und spürt gleichzeitig das Europäische Erbe. Die Gebetshäuser von Hindus, Buddhisten, Moslems und Christen stehen hier in Sichtweite zueinander. Zwischendrin finden Streetfood-Begeisterte Leckerbissen quer durch die Asiatische Küche. Für die wenigsten […]

Der Beitrag George Town auf Penang: Ganz Asien an einem Ort erschien zuerst auf Anders reisen.

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So much weeks of time it took but it was not a time waste for me! Here is a map of our Rain Forest Route in Malaysia :) For the better illustration I did a map of the route that we had. I made it with the help of some GPS-coordinates that we noticed. AND [...]
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I’m back from the Rain Forest Trip! Since nearly 6 hours I’m in the city “Johor Bahru”. It is on the border to Malaysia. I need to rest a little bit more. In the next time I will write a summary about the trip. :)
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In Gua Musang I met 6 people from Germany! They are travelling here too. One girl there is the younger sister of one and in the same age as me :) The others are so middle and end of 20. One is 34. It’s good to talk in German with some other people after such [...]
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I describe always how beautiful and how great the landscape is here. Here is a picture for today! :)
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that´s enough for today I will rest now :) it was a good day I will write more later maybe or tomorrow
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a realy shit night!
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near the station, i will write later more but now good morning…I slept very bad this night gps 4.88338 N, 101.96843 E
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Today I arrived in Tanah Rata, a town in the Cameron Highlands. The region here remembers me to the “Auenland” in Lord Of The Rings (I don’t know the english name of it). It is crazy! Amazing!!! My mountainbike is good for here. On the road I saw a waterfall today. I remembered Antalya when [...]
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good morning to everyone there in the world :D First I must say the weather is shit here! I started with my sleeping-bag-tour here in Malaysia ca. 3 weeks ago. I nearly forgot the feeling how it is when you only eat of cans of tinned food a few days, take a shower naturally etc. [...]
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My adventures in Malaysia started some weeks ago. That’s the end of nights in hotels or things like this :) the first days of my “sleep-under-the-sky-in-your-sleeping-bag-tour” were very hard! but now I adapt to it and it makes a lot of fun! but there is one thing that is more difficult here as the other [...]
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